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Extremely Safe Radical Preventions

Earlier this year we were involved in a research project devised by the University of Manchester Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice and a series of interactive drama-based workshops led by Theatre in Prisons and Probation to faciliate conversations about radicalism.

The project was devised as ‘a collaboration between young people, school staff, interdisciplinary researchers, and creative artists, that focuses on developing an inclusive and open discussion about how schools approach extremism that speaks to, and is led by, young people’.

The government’s Prevent strategy has been accused of being more damaging than enabling; acting as a mechanism of exclusion that represses rather than encourages conversation. It was fascinating to hear the views and frustrations of teachers and pupils in dealing with Prevent and Safeguarding legislation highlighting even more the need to “talk about this”.

Here’s the poem that resulted from these conversations:

Extremely Safe Radical Preventions

Who are ya?
Who are ya?
Who are ya?

Who is behind the mask?
Behind the hood?
Behind the veil?
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Refugee Week performance/talk at UniTEA

VM members Tracey Zengeni, Aidan Jolly and Sai Murray will be performing at this UniTEA Arts and Culture Event at The Brink in Liverpool today as part of Refugee Week. It’s a free event, open to all with tea, coffee and cakes of the world (!) available for the first 100 people.


Full details from below

Arts and Culture event to celebrate the positive contribution made by refugees to the culture, history and heritage of the UK

This is an arts and culture event, with 4 acts across the evening. The main theme of the evening is celebrating the positive contribution refugees have made to the culture history and heritage of the UK.

Tracey Zengeni is Zimbabwean artist who is bringing several pieces of her art to show and talk about, in addition to some acapella . Raj Govindarajah is a Sri Lankan film maker who has made a film about his friends experience of fleeing Sri Lanka and becoming a refugee in Britain. Aidan Jolly and Sai Murray are a musician and poet respectively, who have worked with many refugee and migrant groups.

There will also be a ‘Cakes of the World’ section, where desserts from common refugee origin countries will be available for attendees, and they can guess where the desserts originate.

In addition, there will be an ancestor mapping activity to plot the journeys of attendees relations throughout history.

The event is open to all, with free drinks tokens available to the first 100 people. It would be preferable if attendees could RSVP to:

Date From 19/06/2013 to 19/06/2013
Time From 16:00 to 19:00
Venue The Brink
21 Parr Street
L1 4JN
North West
Organiser Joshua Hughes
Category Arts and Culture
Price Free