Nowhere To Run: Climate Refugees – call for photos and artwork

We have received the following call for creative contributions from Jennifer Heath and are posting it as an interesting and potentially worthwhile project (with the disclaimer that we know very little about the project):

Call for Photos and Artwork
Nowhere to Run: Climate Refugees
Contact: Jennifer Heath, Baksun Books & Arts for Social & Environmental Justice
baksunarts [at]

Nowhere to Run: Climate Refugees is seeking eye-witness accounts of the experiences of people forced to leave their homes and communities because of climate change and environmental degradation, whether from flood, drought, storm, rising sea levels, deforestation or agricultural uncertainty. Climate refugees, also called environmental migrants, are found worldwide in places of both privilege and poverty (ranging from New York to Bangladesh). There are said to be at least 50 million environmental refugees today and the United Nations predicts the number could grow to 120 million by 2050.

Nowhere to Run is documenting, preserving and sharing images along with untold stories from those experiencing climate catastrophes anywhere on Earth. To do this, we are creating a digital platform and eventually a touring art exhibition and book.

We invite photos, short videos and artwork by professionals or others of events as they happened (for example, storms) and/or the consequences of those events (for example, refugee camps, devastated landscapes and homes, destroyed flora and fauna).

We ask that all images be accompanied by the name of the photographer or art maker, email or other form of address where we can contact you, the name of the location, the date an event took place, the name(s) of any displaced person(s), should they agree to be identified and whatever additional information might tell the story.

Please post your images and information to our Facebook page —

From there we will archive them into a database to be made available to the public for creative and scholarly expressions in potentially many disciplines. Submit your photos and artwork any time. The project is ongoing.

Baksun Books & Arts produces books and educational art exhibitions dedicated to social and environmental justice. We believe that a strong foundation in history and knowledge of current events worldwide will pave the way for a more enlightened future.

Jennifer Heath founded Baksun Books & Arts in 1992. She is a curator, cultural journalist and author/editor of 12 books of fiction and non-fiction. Her art exhibitions tour internationally. Among them are: Water, Water Everywhere: Paean to a Vanishing Resource —; The Map is Not the Territory —; and The Veil: Visible & Invisible Spaces- (archive).

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