Racial contexts for Climate Change and Migration

The following is intended to be a useful resource comprising videos of the various presentations from a fascinating and provocative workshop.  It is for anyone interested in the connections between issues of race, migration and climate change, bearing in mind the academic context of the narratives and language used.  This media resource was created and produced by Kooj (Kuljit) Chuhan / Metaceptive Media.

On June 18th and 19th 2013 at Durham University (UK), a group of researchers, theorists and academics from universities across Europe came together to share critical studies and perspectives on the intersection between climate change, migration and race. The ‘workshop’ event was titled:

Race, alterity and affect: rethinking climate change-induced migration and displacement

Introduction to the Race, alterity and affect workshop:

This workshop was developed and convened by Andrew Baldwin (Durham University) and Katherine Russo (L’Orientale, Naples), and included two very interesting (and ‘relatively’ accessible) keynote presentations from David Theo Goldberg and Uma Kothari respectively. The presentations generally involve language, concepts and jargon from academia and may be hard to understand for many of us, but what is being discussed is for the most part really worthwhile.

Keynote Presentations

At www.virtualmigrants.net/racealterityaffect/keynotes or from the menu above, there are two very worthwhile hour-long videos of each of the keynote presentations mentioned earlier.  Also at www.virtualmigrants.net/racealterityaffect/otherpresentations or from the menu above, the rest of the set of presentations (unedited footage) can be accessed as a separate page.



Kooj Chuhan is currently working on developing further creative and documentary projects on these and related themes, including a deeper partnership with Andrew at Durham and with the UK Climate Change and Migration coalition in London.

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